People, Planet, Profit, Purpose: Brands Inspiring Brands With Practical ESG Strategies

Deliver High-Impact, Revolutionary & Responsible Environment, Social & Governance Frameworks To Drive Forward Your Sustainability & Social Impact Initiatives

Social Issues & Governance • Sustainability • Measurement & Reporting • Supply Chains • Net Zero Targets • Regulation, Legislation & Compliance • ESG Frameworks • Climate Change • Carbon Footprint & Offsetting • The Business Case For ESG & Securing Buy-In • Greenwashing • Biodiversity & Nature

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Melanie Fox, Group Reporting Manager for ESG, Vodafone

Ben Corris, Head of ESG Models, ESG Investment Team, Schroders




09.20 Embed Social Issues & Governance Into The Heart Of Your ESG Strategies To Champion The Interconnected Nature Of Sustainability & Net Zero & Drive Forward Its Diverse Agenda :

  • Don’t let climate change monopolise the attention, expand your horizons and incorporate critical and fundamental social and governance issues into your sustainability strategies today.
  • Ensure appropriate governance structures are in place to include implications for human rights, as well as revised KPIs or frameworks to secure stakeholder engagement.
  • It’s not just about profit! What impact are you having on your communities as well as the environment?
  • How can you maintain momentum and the green transition against the backdrop of economic disruption, increased costing and other worldly crises?

James Rowlands, Senior Policy & Public Affairs Manager, Nationwide Building Society

Becky Haywood, Head of ESG & Sustainability, Greene King

Susan Tew, Global Head Supply Chain Sustainability, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Standard Chartered Bank

Francesca New, Senior Manager, Responsible Workplace, Mars



10.00 Drive Forward Your Sustainability Initiatives With Real-World Insights & Embed These Into Seamless, Powerful & Proactive ESG Strategies :

  • Employ strategies that balance the priorities of people and the planet whilst maintaining profitability throughout your organisation’s sustainability journey.
  • Ensure your ESG strategies are transparent, robust and future proofed with clear structure and guidance for your businesses’ roadmap to a sustainable future.
  • What are the upcoming opportunities to flourish and further ensure sustainability remains a business-critical function whilst incorporating critical lessons learned from COP?
  • In the face of continued economic uncertainty, how can organisations continue to prioritise sustainability and its social impact?

Inga Doak, Head of Sustainability, The Royal Mint



10.20 Showcase Real Results By Developing & Embedding Progressive & Innovative Carbon Offsetting Strategies Which Promote Transparency & Authenticity & Reduce Carbon Emissions :

  • Develop cutting-edge and forward-thinking offsetting strategies which both reduce your organisation’s environmental footprint and deliver tangible results.
  • Accurately calculate your business’ and suppliers’ carbon emissions with innovative tools and metrics to maximise carbon reduction and make a tangible impact on the environment.
  • Balance the potential of carbon offsetting as an environment advantage as well as a financial benefit with cost-savvy methods.
  • How is your business measuring its carbon footprint and what strategies are being put in place to measure and achieve the goals of net zero carbon and energy efficiency?

Busola Lagoke, Sustainability Senior Manager, EDF Energy

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking 


11.10 Build & Develop A Robust Supply Chain That Prioritises Human Rights To Deliver Real Results & Further The Sustainability Agenda Without Abusing The Value Chain :

  • Take sustainability leadership to a new frontier and learn how your business can reduce scope 3 emissions through collaborations with key stakeholders and responsible partnerships.
  • What regulatory drivers are influencing ESG due diligence in supply chains and encouraging responsible sourcing to have strong social impact?
  • With increased scrutiny and legislation over suppliers and stakeholders, how can sustainability be embedded across the supply chain to effectively transition to net zero while adhering to due diligence around human rights?
  • Demonstrate how ESG can be integrated into decision-making and reduce emissions produced throughout your supply chain by forecasting more efficiently so that you do not need to transport as frequently.

David Moore, Group Head of ESG, The Compleat Food Group




11.30 Business-Critical, Practical & Actionable ESG Strategies Which Seamlessly Fit Into Wider Sustainability Initiatives In Order To Accelerate & Advance Your Net Zero Commitments :

  • Critical questions answered : how are organisations communicating their pathway to net zero and their climate change journeys today, and what is the real substance behind these plans?
  • Develop a strategic roadmap that sets specific net zero goals and targets and how to effectively align these into your overall business planning.
  • How can businesses balance the cost of net zero plans and create substantial and measurable targets that anticipate potential scenarios and map the net zero journey?
  • Capitalise on net zero as a business opportunity that is climate positive and profit generating with real social impact. How can your organisation capitalise on its potential to achieve net zero carbon, demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability and become an industry leader?

Stefanie Sahmel, Head of Sustainability, Abel & Cole

Simon Gadd, Group Climate Change Director, Legal & General

Matt Bullivant, Director of ESG Strategy, OakNorth


12.10 Decipher, Examine & Unpick The Complexities Of Changing ESG Regulation & Compliance To Confidently Ensure Your Regulatory Frameworks Comply:

  • How can organisations remain regulatory and compliance-driven with innovative and forward-thinking ESG strategies that continue to boost revenue?
  • Become an industry leader with evidence of your organisation’s ability to coordinate with regulatory frameworks to guarantee long-term compliance and a commitment to sustainability, net zero and social impact strategies.
  • What is next on the horizon for environmental regulation, compliance and governance policies, and how can organisations prepare for, and keep working towards aligning to the changing regulations?

Melanie Fox, Group Reporting Manager for ESG, Vodafone



12.30 Design & Develop ESG Frameworks Which Successfully Deliver Meaningful, Tangible Results & Seamlessly Connect All Aspects Of Environment, Social & Governance To Drive Forward Real Action :

  • Extol the importance of ESG as not just ‘nice to have’ but ‘need to have’ within wider company strategies and to continue to meet changing demands, targets, and new regulations.
  • Go beyond climate initiatives! From nature, biodiversity and marine… there’s so much more to the wider ESG framework. How can organisations truly understand and decipher the different social, environmental and governance KPIs and how to forge links between them?
  • Develop a richer understanding that incorporates all aspects of ESG and the interconnections and links between different social, governance and environmental KPIs to establish robust and mature frameworks.

Celeste Leverton, Associate Director, Sustainability Manager, Coutts

12.50 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.50 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Celeste Leverton, Associate Director, Sustainability Manager, Coutts




14.00 Beyond COP27: Implement Business-Critical, Actionable & Engaging Strategies To Accelerate & Advance Your Organisation’s Climate Change Initiatives :

  • What is the climate impact, the nature-related impact, or the social impact of your organisation’s operations? How can we cope with the impacts of climate change both now and in the future?
  • What’s next for ESG? Delve further into purpose and values to build a climate strategy which links effectively to your nature strategy to incorporate climate risk management overall.
  • Which measures are most effective to assess the impact of climate change on your business operations, assets, portfolio and how can these insights be translated into actionable and impactful change?
  • What is your organisation doing to ensure that their actions and business plans are not undermining or exacerbating the vulnerability of different communities to the impacts of climate change?

Maria Lombardo, Head of ESG Advisory Sustainable Finance, Standard Chartered Bank

Nick Martin, Head of Sustainability & Environmental Management, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

Philip Halanen, Head of Sourcing & Sustainability EMEA, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Ben Clifford, Global Health, Safety & Sustainability – Director, Fidelity International



14.40 Extract & Translate Critical Data Into Actionable Insights By Capturing, Measuring & Reporting Consistently To Drive Forward ESG Initiatives Across Your Organisation :

  • What benchmarks are most beneficial for assessing the success and performance of your ESG strategies, and how can the results of these be translated effectively to ensure that your business continues in a sustainable and socially-viable way?
  • Determine and set effective measurement KPIs and benchmarks for your ESG frameworks in order to measure impact, evaluate success and determine ROI.
  • Utilise key insights from ESG data collection, management and reporting to develop innovative and consistent strategies that reassure stakeholders and drive forward the sustainability agenda.
  • E­ffectively respond to regulator expectations and provide tangible evidence of compliant and robust business models that establish transparency in measurement and reporting strategies.

Sarune Ringelyte, Associate Director – Sustainability, Savills

15.00 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking



15.30 Cement Your ESG Initiatives As Business-Critical By Proving The Value To Secure C-Suite Buy-In, Long-Term Support & Continued Investment :

  • Develop a climate literate and responsible C-Suite who are engaged and informed to shape a clear pathway to achieve your net zero targets and goals.
  • What practical steps can business leaders take in order to translate their ambitions for sustainability into concrete action?
  • Explore how to effectively build a business case which demonstrates the importance of continued buy-in for ESG initiatives to directors and senior management even in times of economic uncertainty.

15.30 Perspective One:

Rosana Elias, Head of Sustainability, Whitbread

15.50 Perspective Two: 

Richard Eadie, Head of Sustainability, Corporate Strategy & Group Transformation, Severn Trent



16.10 Mitigate The Risk Of Being Accused Of Greenwashing By Ensuring Transparent & Substantiated ESG Strategies That Are Authentic & Credible To Go Beyond Showcasing Empty Promises :

  • Greenwashing Vs. green blushing – how should companies communicate their sustainability actions with clarity, confidence and transparency to guarantee authenticity?
  • Move beyond performative claims about your sustainability efforts by clearly demonstrating your organisation’s proven commitment to ESG targets to strengthen investor and consumer trust.
  • Marketing sustainability does not equate to action! Ensure you are able to defend and substantiate every claim made by your organisation to produce watertight, credible and properly-embedded sustainability practices.
  • This isn’t just a game of tick boxing… promote responsibility and accountability by preventing greenwashing at all levels of the business through education and awareness.



16.50 Tackle All Aspects Of ESG By Determining The Role Biodiversity Should Play In Your Organisation & How You Can Maximise Solutions To Deliver Meaningful & Transparent Initiatives :

  • Recognise and act on biodiversity as the fastest developing ESG theme and the important role of investors and businesses in conserving it.
  • Explore how companies contribute to biodiversity loss with detailed analysis that evaluates nature-based economic opportunities that could suit your business’ overall strategies.
  • Combat the lack of a standard methodologies for assessing and reporting biodiversity to develop robust strategies with tangible and actionable insights.
  • How have SFDR, TNFD and other regulatory initiatives re-shaped the landscape of ESG strategies and developed reporting frameworks that identify and assess nature-related risks and opportunities?

Andy Ford, Head of ESG Investment Directors, Aviva Investors

17.10 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference